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New Union Station tenants such as the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce wanted a breakfast and lunch meeting place on site. But along with a place to “see and be seen,” the station needed another restaurant that was comfortable for families and out-of-towners taking a break from the exhibits.

“If you really think about it … that was the type of restaurants that were here, The Westport Room, the Harvey House,” said George Guastello, president and chief executive officer of Union Station. “The look alone (of Harvey’s) is inviting now, but most important it is run by a Kansas City family. We didn’t want to operate a restaurant. We wanted to turn it over to people who know what they are doing.”

Mary Carol Garrity, founder of Nell Hill’s home furnishings stores in Briarcliff Village and Atchi­son, Kan., helped with the decor: coral color on the ceiling to lighten it up, and black-and-white drapes to soften up the acoustics. Harvey’s also features old photos of celebrities who came through the station, and Kansas City landmarks.